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At Study Abroad Xperts, we make attending university abroad easy for international students. Our education consultants are dedicated to guiding you through every step - from career assessment, finding the right career to matching you with the perfect university or college, assisting you with Scholarships and your settlement in a new country, they are there with you on every step.

Study Abroad Xperts has 100’s of Strategic Alliances and Partnerships worldwide.

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Canadian Work Visa Post Graduation Options
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Our only goal is helping students like you achieve their dreams of studying abroad in one of many excellent universities or colleges. We find the perfect programs for you, work through the details, and ensure you have every document required. Our consultants are dedicated to your success.

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We are an ICEF Certified Agency – Quality Standard that recognizes High Quality Student Recruitment Agencies worldwide. Our Canadian Immigration and Visa Consultant, Chitra Bhatia, is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (#R514121) Member of Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants.

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Study Abroad Xperts offers a plethora of services for international students. Our Premium service ensures that you achieve your goals of studying abroad. We follow Seven Step process ensuring that we take care of every minute detail and maximize your chances of getting admissions in some of the best universities worldwide.

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What Past Students Say

  • Chitra Bhatia is very professional, efficient and courteous. She made this journey pleasurable. Deval Kirby, Bahamas

  • It was great working with Chitra Bhatia. I was surprised with the level of service I got despite the time difference. Very thankful. Excellent service. I have never been so happy. - Ankush Saini, India, Study Permit / Visa

  • Working on my visa with Chitra was easy. I knew exactly what I needed to do and working with a live online spreadsheet. It kept things simple, as it is easy to get lost with all the paperwork. Philip Prixe, United Kingdom, Study Permit / Visa

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Study Abroad Xperts is the one-stop shop for international students coming working to attend university abroad. With a plethora of services designed to make your transition easier, our team is here to enhance the international experience.

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Studying abroad isn’t always easy in Canada or the United States. From admissions to study permits and scholarships - our consultants at Study Abroad Xperts strive to find opportunities that fit your academic needs.

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Our accredited immigration consultants leave no rock unturned. Our premium services ensure you find the right university, get accepted, receive your study permit, and more. Through detailed preparation, you will get the results required to study abroad.

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