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Magnetic Panda Was Built to Find You New Business

We do the groundwork so you can focus on closing qualified leads who have already shown interest in your business. Right now there are people who want to buy from you – Magnetic Panda will find them.

Is this going to work for me?

Whether you are a small business or a Fortune 500 company, people right now are ready to buy what you have to offer… if they know you exist.

Where we help is doing the grunt work – making new connections, engaging them in highly personalized conversations, and analyzing who is ready to buy. The exact solution we use will depend on your business goals - but we always guarantee results. Imagine not only finding the right potential client but knowing exactly when they are ready to buy too.

We will show you how

What is Different About Magnetic Panda?

You worked hard to build your businesses reputation, and so will we. We generate new business for you through making professional connections and building your brand. Relax assured knowing that each new client already feels great about your business before you even talk.

The proof is that it gets better over time…

Exact Customer Campaigns

Sell to the people who has already shown they want to buy. We will discover exactly who they are and connect you both together.

Define and Refine

We pinpoint people who will be a raving fan about your services and then find you a 100 more people just like them. Over and over.

Will it work for me?

No matter what your business there are people ready to buy. Magnetic Panda finds those people who are most open to your offer and connects you together.

Intelligent AI Learning

The ability to detect and intercept your typical buyers online behavior. Get in front of those people who have shown they are just about to take action.

Perfectly Applied Resources

With accurate targeting you can now dedicate more resources to closing. With the guesswork for “who” removed you can concentration on the “how”.

Proven and Perfected

100% Confidence

100% Confidence

Sign up today and be confident in results with our guaranteed refund policy.

We offer what others won’t because we know our system works.

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Simple but Powerful

How does it actually work?

Attract Your Ideal Customer

By analyzing online profiles and social media activity, along with buyer behaviors and patterns, we can detect the exact profile of people most likely to be interested in what you have to offer.

When we combine this data with our intelligent AI software we can tell not only who is likely to buy but also when. You get to make connect with your ideal customer at the exact moment they are ready to buy, before any of your competitors even know they are interested.

Start Talking When They Are Listening

The buying cycle has gotten a lot more complicated. You need to know not only your own service or product but also exactly how it fulfils your clients specific needs. We can show you how.

From online behavior to client profiling – we will let you know what they need, when they need it, and why. This allows you to accurately adjust your sales pitch to match exactly what each client care about most. The end results is improved sales with truly satisfied clients.


Happier Clients and a Thriving Business

We will get your results right away but another cool aspect is that it only gets better over time. While other systems “tap out” we use what has worked so far to get even better results.

Our intelligent AI is built to identify who interacts positively with your message and then adjust accordingly. The result is happier clients who appreciate the opportunity to buy from you. If you want a prospecting system that improves the more you use it – we got you covered.

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Got More Questions?...

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What kind of leads will Magnetic Panda provide?
Selling to someone who just doesn’t want to buy is not only highly ineffective, it also impacts your team motivation and business brand. We connect you with people who are very strongly motivated to buy and are the most likely to tell others also.

On top of that we introduce you at the exact point when they are getting ready to take action – along with the complete picture on their buying motivation and background.
Where can I learn more about the process?
We worked hard studying exactly what makes up the perfect sale. And then how to generate 100s of such interactions on demand. With an AI learning lead generation system, a team of professional engineers and copywriters, and a little secret magic, we are there.

We would love to tell you more so the best thing is to jump on a call or reach out through email.
How can I know for sure it will work?
There is always the feeling of risk when trying something new. We get that. So we have made it as easy as possible to sign up knowing you will get what we guarantee. We have an extensive refund policy, customer support along the way, and a full team of skilled experts to ensure each part is running perfectly.

That being said we are most motivated to work with businesses that understand that with some risk comes a lot of reward. Those who are most driven to get results usually see them fastest. If you want your clients to invest in you - you must be willing to invest in yourself.
How fast will I get results?
Well first you got to sign up!

After that we work as fast as possible to do all the detailed client research it takes to set up your own Magnetic Panda system. Our process mimics each buyers natural selection process so it feels like they made the choice themselves.

This means rock solid leads but it also means good things take a little time. Most businesses see the first sales within 3 - 4 weeks with full blown results within 6 - 8 weeks from starting. Once its fully running it only gets better too. We continuously redefine the process to get it just right.
What should I do next?
Contact us below.

We have a professional team to answer all your questions and to first make sure we are a good fit. Only then will we move ahead.

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