#1 Key Skill To Growing A Web Design Business

I will be the first to admit I am not the world's best coder. I don't even know Javascript or PHP. But I was able to build a 6 figure web design business in just over a year from complete scratch with NO previous web design experience. How? By mastering sales.

Your ability to sell isn't just the number one key skill in growing a web design business. It's the only key skill. Everything else you can learn as you go or outsource to others. But if you can't sell you will be dead in the water. If you don't know how to sell your own services then don't expect to get paid a lot of money to build a website that sells someone elses.

Mastering selling is not just about getting a high price for what you do (but don't worry - you will learn to do that). It also means you can sell other people on your clients products, services, ideas, and vision. People don't pay you for web design, they pay for your ability to sell and get results. The jobs that pay well anyway.

When you can really sell that is the moment when you have full control of your income, business, and future. Master sales and everything else falls into place.

Robert O'Rourke - Owner Fox Web School

I have been a web designer for over 10 years. Since joining Fox Web School I have started charging at least double what I used to.

Stephen Nultey - Web Design and Ecommerce

How to Learn Sales

Understand The Concept of Value

Business owners are only interested in spending when it will give them more back in return. That means no matter how good your designing skills or ability to code they will always focus more on those who can help them achieve their goals. If you don't know how to sell your own services AND sell on behalf of your clients you are severely limiting the value you can offer.

By really understanding what value is (for your clients) and how to create it you won't ever struggle to grow your web design business. Being a generic "web designer" is competitive, but being someone who can understand problems and sell solutions means you will always be in demand. If you were a business owner how much would you pay someone when you know you are going to get back ten to hundred times what you spend?

Work Backwards From The Result People Want Most

Want to know how to sell large websites fast? Focus on solving the core issues a business cares most about. No business owner goes to sleep at night worrying about web design. They are thinking about the bottom line, how to survive, how to grow, how to provide for their employees and families. Learn to sell by giving them what they care most about.

When you know how to become the person who can see what business owners really want only then can you start working together to build it. This is what sales is really all about. Understanding what matters most to others and getting paid to solve those problems. The cool thing - the bigger the problems you can find, the more you will get paid to solve them. And trust me there is no shortage of big problems for you to find.

What Is Fox Web School?

It is everything other web site courses are not.

To grow a web design business knowing how to code isn't enough. Fox Web School is about giving you the skills that people will actually pay for. If you can't show people why they should pay you the most, then you will be stuck trying to charge the least. A web design business that tries to compete on price won't be a business for long. But learning to sell doesn't have to be a struggle.

How The Course Works

With very limited background in coding and web design, I was able to close a $1250 and a $4000 deal in just over 2 months of starting Rob's course.
I would strongly recommend it for anyone that is committed and dedicated, as it does take work.

John K. Riley

We have already helped over 150 people start and grow their web design business. You don't have to be new to web design to join, but you do have to be willing to change what isn't working.

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